Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Summer Days in Utah with Family and Friends

Summer Vacation in Utah = Family Fun

Friday, June 27, 2008

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I had to post a summer fun update on the Gunn Family happenings. We have definitely been enjoying summer.
The kids have loved cooling off from the good ole' Texas heat in the Kendrick pool, our neighborhood pool and at swimming lessons.
They have had fun going to the library and reading their library books, playing with cousins and friends, working out of their summer wookbooks, art projects, watching Camp Rock on Disney, and helping with daily chores around the house. They really have kept themselves quite busy.

We love June because we get to celebrate Father's Day and honor the great fathers in our life. We also get to celebrate a couple birthday's. Jace turned double digits, on the 17th, and Tony got to add a year on the 20th!
The kids love to celebrate birthdays.

The kids surprised Tony on his birthday by having me ask him for some help with groceries in the car. As he came out the front door, they "silly stringed" him. Thanks honey for being such a great sport! They all had a great time shopping for dad's present and had to get him a "musical" card. Happy Birthday Tony - we love you!
You are a terrific husband and father. Thanks for always giving so much of yourself in everything you do!

We have tried to spend as much time as a family together with our returned missionary men. They both spoke at church on Sunday, June 22nd. It was an incredible Sacrament meeting, hearing the testimonies of these great, humble young men. We love you so much. J.R. and Brandon, we are so blessed to have you share your experiences and what you learned by giving of yourself to the Lord and God's children in Argentina and Chile. You have touched many lives and brought us all closer to our Heavenly Father's teachings by sharing with us, and by your great example of service and love. May we all strive to open our hearts to the spirit and open our mouths to share the happiness the gospel brings into our life and how it truly changes lives! Good luck with summer jobs, school, and all the great things that are in your future!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

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The Gunn Family has had an eventful May and June...(and it's not over yet)

May started out great, with the Rockwood Family coming to Texas for a visit. We had so much fun watching the kids play and make memories together. Our kids haven't stopped talking about it! We had not seen little baby Macey and as you can tell from the pictures, they couldn't get enough of her. London, Bode, and Ryder had all grown so much, since seeing them last summer. The boys all had a great time playing their Nintendo games and playing outside together. Tony and Carter took the older kids to an Astros game - they had a blast! All the kids loved being together. It was great to sit back and watch them, they are just little buddies and best friends.

Soon after our fun with the Rockwood's, our life got even more interesting. We got a call to t check our kids heads for "bugs".
You know Texas is known for their incredible bugs and critters, but little did I know, what we were about to find.
To our surprise, the kids had head lice. If you think life could not get more crazy, let me tell you....head lice will make you crazy! It can turn your world upside down in no time.
Washing, shampooing, combing, sterilizing, combing...did I mention combing! Thank goodness, my husband is a great team player and would help with the "nit combing and picking." It was like an assembly line of products, kids, and then loads of laundry!!!!!!! My washer was going 24/7 on hot! We tried to see the humor amidst the chaos! On top of all this....all four of the kids got strept throat ! I was definitely ready for school to be out and hope to stay clear of any more germs or "bugs" being spread! I asked the doctor what prescription he had for mothers, dealing with this situation. He handed me a prescription that read, Day at the spa for massage and relaxation and free babysitting.
We are now free and clear of "bugs" or as Gavin would say, " Mom, I think this is like fleas in humans." We had some good laughs, amongst our tears, as Gracen commented, "Well, isn't this just special." I couldn't have said it better myself. I wish I would have gotten a picture as we were treating everyone and the great looks we sported around with our hair in a shower cap for hours, sleeping with olive oil and mayo. You know it's bad when you will do whatever it takes to get rid of this once and for all! Hurray!!!!!

The last week of school was fun for the kids, as they celebrated the end of a great school year. Gavin graduated from Kindergarten and had a fun ceremony. Braxton and Brinlee had their awards ceremony, which they both had a terrific year, and received recognition for their great accomplishments. Way to go Brin, Brax, and Gav - we love you!!!

Now we are officially enjoying summer! Bring on the Texas heat! The kids have been swimming and Gavin and Gracen have been taking swim lessons each day for the next week. They are doing great!
We were able to have the Kendrick cousins come stay with us, while Uncle Larry, Aunt Sherron, Papa J, and Nonna went to Argentina and Chile to pick up "the missionary men" - Elder Johnson and Elder Moore.
We love to spend time with cousins, and we were counting down the days until we were able to celebrate the missionary homecoming!
(See Brinlee's account on Kids Korner.) It has been an extra special experience that I don't think we will ever forget!
What great young men, we are so pleased with their return and the two years they dedicated in serving the Lord!
Thank you for your great example!!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008